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We are a full service firm providing the following services

  • Off Market Deals: We advertise and work with our network of investors to secure off market deals to increase the number of properties available for purchase
  • Licensed Real Estate Transactions: Facilitate Purchases of on market (MLS) transactions and submit bids on your behalf to auction sites. We also serve as agents to list properties you wish to sell (liquidation of rental properties or fix and flip investments)
  • Private Lending Network: We can introduce you to our network of private lenders or serve as a guide to help coordinate investments as a private lender.
  • Education & Training: We offer self paced, group, and one on one training and education to provide the knowledge and confidence needed to grow your business and achieve your goals. 

Our Team

Our Founders provide complimentary skill sets and experience that allows us to best develop a plan for our clients.
We have been in the same position as our clients which allows us to approach your situation as our own.

Pete Todd-Burke

Pete is a highly respected Investor, Agent, Advisor, and Author. 
Pete has completed numerous transactions as a principal or agent and has published a book:  SOLD! How to Sell Homes Others Couldn't Sell

If you are looking to become a full time investor, Pete can help walk you through the same steps he took (and more importantly, which steps to avoid) on his path to Real Estate Independence

Brian McGroarty

Brian is an accomplished professional who has integrated Real Estate investing to complement his income. Brian has successfully managed a diverse portfolio of transactions as Principal, Private Lender, and Agent

Brian can help create a plan for clients that do not wish to become full time investors are are looking balance a Real Estate investment portfolio with a demanding career.

We provide superior results for our clients

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 It works for Fortune 500 businesses...

One of the traits we love most about Real Estate investors is the drive to take charge of their future. 


We all need guidance at times, this is even true for large established businesses. 
What do these companies do when they need a fresh perspective?

They hire consultants. 

Not as a sign a failure but a demonstration of strength.
The strength to put their ego aside and ask for help to take their business to the next level.

That is where we come in.

You can leverage our experience gained through the work we have done with other investors to create a plan for you to reach your investing goals. 

We can even provide comprehensive services to help execute this plan start to finish. 

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